Becoming an Intern Midwife

Photo credit: Amy Swagman

Wow! What a year of kissing babies, lovin’ on mamas (and their families), and learning a ton!
The close of 2011 completes my 13th year of supporting families, attending somewhere around 200 births (including 55 homebirths) and stepping into the intern phase of my midwifery journey.

As an intern, I am practicing as Primary Midwife Under Supervision, which means I “demonstrate the ability to perform all aspects of midwifery care to the satisfaction of the preceptor who is physically present and supervising [my] performance of skills and decision making.” ~NARM

Fancy, huh?

In this role, the intern midwife must attend and document a specified number of births; prenatal, postpartum, and newborn exams; provide continuity of care; and demonstrate a set list of clinical skills in order to sit for the NARM board exam, oral skills assessment, and ultimately attain the CPM credential.

Basically, know how to do it all, and most of the time do very little–because well….most of the time birth just works.

I am honored to continue my journey with Julie Hughes at Mosaic Midwifery as well as Lauren Schowe of Origins Midwifery, two of the loveliest women I know.

Interested in learning more about homebirth? Looking for a fabulous midwifery team? We’d love to visit over a cup of tea!

3 comments on “Becoming an Intern Midwife

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  2. […] Giving birth and becoming a parent are life-changing events that can impact each person deeply.  Perinatal parenting teaches that parenting and nurturing the child begins before the baby is born. Therefore, this time can be a great opportunity for education, growth, and bonding as you make informed choices and pursue your hopes for your birth and your family.  My role is to partner with and support you in those choices, while providing excellent midwifery care, in partnership with my preceptors. […]

  3. […] in 2011. I had said I would only accept the occasional repeat client, as I was so busy with my midwifery internship. But they had a sweet sparkle in their eyes, we had that instant connection, and I couldn’t […]

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