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Simple Immune-Boosting Lunch and Birthday Deliciousness – Molé!

After a nice morning, 6 out of 8 of us headed to Costco for our week’s worth of food, and then came home for a quick lunch and rest.


Peanut butter snack crackers on 5-seed GF crackers, delicious local organic peaches, fire trucks (vitamin C and antioxidant-rich red peppers), carrots, and Uncle Andrei’s/Papa’s beet, ginger, orange sour kraut (to keep the good guys fighting the good fight against the back-to-school germs).

Afternoon Snack

One of the staple snacks in our school lunches is coco bliss balls.  We do something similar to this recipe for Cacao Balls. Today’s variation included walnuts, dates, coconut, dried cranberries, flax, and cacao nibs. Super easy to whip up in the Ninja and the kids love them.

After picking up the remaining 2 kiddos at school, I ran to the store for the last few items for Caleb’s birthday dinner. For tonight’s meal, he wanted authentic Mexican food and chose Chicken Molé.

I’ve never made molé before, but with chocolate on the list of ingredients, how could I resist?


20130826_185051It’s rare that I follow a recipe so closely but the only thing I changed in this Chicken Molé recipe was to add a little cumin and omit the raisins (no fans of cooked raisins in this house).

We served the molé wrapped in bibb lettuce and topped with more red peppers and cilantro. So chocolaty rich, and Paleo-friendly.

What did I serve those cute little vegan nieces and children who don’t like spicy?

Sides of cilantro-lime brown rice (quinoa version for us paleo peeps), Caleb’s seasoned black beans, and a big green salad with roasted red pepper dressing.


We postponed the chocolate strawberry truffle pie recipe we had planned for tonight due raw cashews that had not yet been soaked. So instead, we had quick and easy mango sorbet.
I don’t have a recipe but we use organic frozen mangoes with fresh lime juice and full-fat coconut milk. Mix it all in the Ninja and then freeze until firm. Delish!


One comment on “Simple Immune-Boosting Lunch and Birthday Deliciousness – Molé!

  1. […] sandwiches, and such (see below for Real Food lunch ideas). I had a big salad with a spoonful of leftover molé. […]

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